Waikaretu School - Striving for Excellence


What we Value at Waikaretu School


School Vision: Striving for Excellence

To challenge and support our children to be the best they can be.  

Ki te taki, ki te tautoko i o taatou tamariki, kia tae raatou ki o raatou na paingia


Alongside the vision of the NZ Curriculum, students who at Year Eight leave Waikaretu School are:

″ Literate and numerate, including new knowledge and technologies, such as ICT

″ Inclusive, valuing all cultures and the contributions they bring as well as successfully realising their own cultural distinctiveness and potential.

 ″ Knowledgeable of Te Reo Māori me ōna tikanga.

″ Citizens, contributing to and participating in local and international communities, including Te Ao Maori.

″ Active inquirers who seek, use and create knowledge as part of their own learning process of learning how to learn

″ Innovative by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively ″ Independent and informed decision makers for the common good

″ Life long learners, positive in their attitude, limitless in their potential and inherently capable of achieving success.  


Confident School, Confident Families, Confident Students


School Values: Responsibilty, Respect, Resilience

Pono, Manaakitanga, Rangatiritanga


Our School values are part of our everyday curriculum – encouraged, modelled, and explored.  They are deeply held beliefs about what is important or desirable at Waikaretu School. We express these through the ways in which we think and act. By holding these values and acting on them, we thrive. They are evident in Waikaretu School's philosophy, structures, curriculum, classrooms, and relationships. They are our cornerstone with which we stand.  


Responsibility - Pono  

Taking responsibility for self, choosing for oneself between right and wrong and being accountable for our age appropriate decisions and actions. Being capable of taking charge and carrying out trusted tasks to their completion with initiative, as well as knowing when to ask for help. Demonstrating integrity, which involves being honest and acting ethically. 


Respect – Manaakitanga 

Choosing respectful behaviours; respecting, cooperating and considering others. Being thoughtful and mindful; treating others as we want to be treated. Having Aroha for ourselves and others through kindness and friendliness. Being accepting of differences or diversity including cultures, languages and heritages. Respecting our environment. 


Resilience - Rangatiritanga 

Demonstrating resilience by striving for excellence, challenging oneself to be the best they can be. Aiming high and persevering in the face of difficulties. Having a strong sense of self worth and identity with the determination to strive for personal and collective goals.