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Class Writing

Here we share the great work our students have done recently. We hope you enjoy them.



On Wednesday my Aunty and Nana came over to our house for my birthday. They brought Sheba and Max with them. The dogs were adorable. I’ve never met Max before.

Max is a Pug and is hyperactive - full of energy and bouncing about. When I walked away from him he would charge at me then run around my feet. Sheba was an old dog, but that didn’t matter. I love dogs of any kind.

While my Mum and Nan were talking Aunty gave me a toy of a character from the movie, Home. It was very squishy. I thanked Aunty and went outside to play with it. As I played with it Max came running past and took my toy with him. I got up and ran after it; we ran round and round till Max finally gave up. I took the toy away from him and put it on my shelf.

Aunty and Nan told me that they were leaving and said their goodbyes. I thanked them for coming and opened and closed the gates for them so they didn’t have to get out of the car and do it themselves.

I miss Max and Sheba.



Make Believe Friday!

Prince William rode his horse to find magical mushrooms.  He found 7 mushrooms in the forest and he ate them.  Eating them turned him in to a cat!

By Mahiroa


The joker Anya, went to the castle and stole Prince William’s horse. Then she cantered her horsey Aggy into the forest with Prince William’s horse following behind.

By Anya


In the forest of green there was a princess, prince, a King and a Queen. One day the prince and the princess went to find a joker to be in their movie.  A joker came to see the prince to tell him a lie. The princess kept on going to find a joker.  She found a very good one who was very good at tricks.

By Addison


There lived a king called William.  He had a castle and he had a boy called Prince Alex.  Prince Alex had a sister and her name was Addison.   One day Anya the joker came to their castle. She jumped very high and stole King William’s horse.  William went on his white tiger and went after her.

By Alex


In the land of Owo there was a prince called Prince William.  He had a white tiger cub called Stripe and a horse called Sweatpea.  Every morning he took his white tiger for a walk.  In the forest the white tiger sniffed something out, he discovered King Alex and he was hurt.  Prince William carried King Alex back to the castle.  A princess called Princess Addison took good care of him. 


Prince William rode his horse Sweatpea back to the forest to find a lotus flower to make the king better.  He went to the river to get a drink and there he found a lotus flower on a little island.  The water was flowing fast.  He tamed a goat and the goat jumped to the island and got the lotus flower.  He took it from the goat and rode back to the castle giving it to the king, the king quickly got better.

The End

By William