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Sea Scouts in Waikaretu had it’s beginnings in 2007 and received its formal warrant at the start of 2008.  We are part of the Counties Zone and the Central North Island Region and we follow the guidelines and programmes of Scouts New Zealand.  Information about Scouting can be found on the Scouts New Zealand website.


In Waikaretu we operate Kea, Cub and Scout sections and we welcome all boys and girls of school age.

Keas – school years 1 – 3; a programme of discovery

Cubs – school years 3 – 6; a programme of challenge

Scouts - school years 6 – 10; a programme of exploration and leadership


Keas and Cubs meet after school on Wednesday afternoons, from 3.30 – 5pm.  We have a combined programme and break apart as needed for section specific activities.   

During the spring and summer term we meet at the Walkers’ Lake and focus on all the outdoor activities that are possible with full access to the lake, the bush and wide outdoor spaces.   During February we often make use of the school swimming pool, and this summer every child has earned an appropriate Kea or Cub water skills badge.

Through the autumn and winter terms, Keas and Cubs meet in the Waikaretu Hall for a programme which is necessarily more indoors focussed.

Over the past year, Keas have taken part in a Piratical Sleepover held at school; Cubs have joined with the other Cub packs in the zone for a Spy Camp at Rutherford; we have taken part in the Anzac Parade at Tuakau; had a Mudslide Day and a Waikaretu Beach Cleanup Day.


Scouts meet on prearranged Saturday afternoons about four times each term.  Being Sea Scouts we have water skills and boating badges to add into the standard Scout programme and our Scouts have opportunity to join in with sailing camps and regattas through the summer months.  

Scouts focus on learning skills for independence, self sufficiency and leadership.  Much of the practise takes place at camps, of one to three nights throughout the year, so that learning is by doing and in a fun environment.  We encourage our Scouts to take part in a range of activities with other groups in the zone, so they meet many other young people and have adventurous experiences beyond what our tiny group can offer.  In the past year we have joined with other groups for a Brass Monkey Camp in the Waitawheta Valley, a Cossgrove skills camp at Schlaepher Park; an adventure activity camp at Whitianga, and a fun Easter Camp at Waikaretu. 


Our leaders are fully trained and skilled to lead our Keas, Cubs and Scouts through the four cornerstones of their Scouting programmes: Outdoors, Community, Personal Development and New Experiences. 


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